“The Tragedy of Verbal Metaphysics” by Leon Chwistek


  • Adam Trybus The University of Zielona Góra
  • Bernard Linsky The University of Alberta




This is the first English translation of Leon Chwistek’s “Tragedia werbalnej metafizyki (Z powodu książki Dra Ingardena: Das literarische Kunstwerk),” Kwartalnik Filozoficzny, Vol. X, 1932, 46–76. Chwistek offers a scathing critique of Roman Ingarden’s Das literarische Kunstwerk (translated into English as The Literary Work of Art) and of the entire Phenomenology movement. The text also contains many hints at Chwistek’s own philosophical and formal ideas. The book that Chwistek reviews attracted wide attention and was instrumental in winning Ingarden a position as Professor of Philosophy at the University of Lwów in 1933. Chwistek’s alienation from his fellow logicians of the Lvov-Warsaw school is clear from his ridicule of Leśniewski’s project.

Author Biographies

Adam Trybus, The University of Zielona Góra

Assistant Professor
Institute of Philosophy

Bernard Linsky, The University of Alberta

Department of Philosophy


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