Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 2020-08-09T18:12:52-04:00 Marcus Rossberg Open Journal Systems <p>JHAP aims to promote research in and discussion of the history of analytical philosophy. <a href="/jhap/about">Read more ...</a></p> The Birth of Semantics 2020-08-09T18:12:52-04:00 Richard Kimberly Heck Robert C. May <p>We attempt here to trace the evolution of Frege’s thought about truth. What most frames the way we approach the problem is a recognition that hardly any of Frege’s most familiar claims about truth appear in his earliest work. We argue that Frege’s mature views about truth emerge from a fundamental re-thinking of the nature of logic instigated, in large part, by a sustained engagement with the work of George Boole and his followers, after the publication of <em>Begriffsschrift</em> and the appearance of critical reviews by members of the Boolean school.</p> 2020-06-25T09:44:38-04:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##